Inbound and Outbound Spam/AntiVirus Mail Gateway

Because I had to change my antivirus and spamfilter strategy, I configured a postfix as a gateway from and to my mailserver (= Exchange 2013).

So what was the goal:

  • E-Mail gateway inbound (= SMTP Proxy)
  • E-Mail gateway outbound (= SMTP Proxy or SmartHost )
  • Spam-filtering
  • AntiVirus

That’s my setting now:

  • Debian stretch (kernel 4.8.0-1-amd64)
  • postfix (3.1.3-6)
  • amavisd-new (2.10.1-4)
  • ClamAV (0.99.2)
  • SpamAssassin (3.4.1-6)

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Exchange 2013 – No Suitable Directory Servers Found in Forest

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