Unfortunately, I couldn’t join the AGIT (“Symposium und Fachmesse für angewandte Geoinformatik“ 2012 at Salzburg, but there’s a new portal for all of you (like me), who want to stay on focus in GIS topics.

Keep an eye on (powered by Medien- und Verlagspartner Wichmann Verlag). There is a sup-page gis.OPEN , where you find all papers & most of it on german of AGIT 2012. Great page with short abstracts and full PDF downloads.

Installation of PostgreSQL / PostGIS / ArcSDE on Debian/Ubuntu

I found a lot of Installationscripts about some parts of the whole Installationprocess, but as I need the whole thing, I created this HowTo for setting up ArcSDE with PostGIS Support on Debian or Ubuntu. Continue reading “Installation of PostgreSQL / PostGIS / ArcSDE on Debian/Ubuntu”